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    From the same developers of Halli Clack!
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    Official license granted to Omnivision Studios by Shafir Games


Halli Clack! LogoHalli Galli: Fast action fun for all ages!

The world famous card game played by millions around the world is now available in an action-packed multi-user multi-touch game!

  • Guarantees hours and hours of fun, laughter and joy for your friends and family
  • Received the “MAJOR FUN AWARD” 2014
  • Selected as one of the BEST FAMILY GAMES OF ALL TIMES in James Lowders’ book “The BEST 100”

Be the fastest one to ring the bell when exactly 5 fruits of the same kind appear, and win all the cards on the table.
The deck contains 56 cards divided between all players –  Your cards are your life –  Lose all your cards and you’re out of the game – Think fast, react fast and collect all 56 cards to BE THE WINNER!

Game features:

  • Play against people
  • Multi-touch action
  • Smooth and addictive swipe to open cards
  • Fantastic virtual bell
  • Sharp HD graphics
  • Local (offline), 2-4 players
  • Available in 20 languages

Media Quotes

“Halli Galli, fun for kids par excellence (and also for their parents).”
Paderzeitung, 16.07.13

” The game idea of Halli Galli is as genius and easy to play.”
Land-und-Kind.de, 03.09.12

“Halli Galli ist the ultimate Game, that bears fun not only for kids.”
Spieluniversum, 06.01.2012

Where to buy

Windows Store
Google Play


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